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whitegates killeavey road, Newry
Healthy meals. Free delivery in Newry area. 48hr shipping elsewhere.
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Newry based but delivers UK & Ireland. Meals, meat deals, pensioner packs and more. 10 fresh meals for £43.99 - free delivery in Newry area.

What divides Pro-Performance Nutrition Meal Plans from "the rest?"

We use only fresh, clean ingredients. All dishes are hand made from scratch and designed by nutritionists. Every meal is individually weighed out with each macro going in individually to get the most ????ℂℂ????ℝ???????????? calorie count possible.

*Visit the link to view meal choices. Select at your own preference >> www.pro-performancenutrition.co.uk

Good luck!

Delivery available anywhere in the UK or Ireland within 48 hours or ordering.

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