A list of other useful resources related to Covid-19. Many are Facebook groups. We’ve also listed direct links to specific Coronavirus pages for support services such as Mencap, utilities such as water and other government and health pages. Please feel free to submit any suggestions. You can also use the search box to find anything specific.

Northern Ireland Covid-19 Resources

There are currently 11 NI Covid-19 Resources in this directory beginning with the letter N.
NHS PPE Northern Ireland
NHS PPE Northern Ireland Facebook group Visit

NI Direct - Government Services
Information about coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact in Northern Ireland. Visit

NI Freelancers Surviving Corona
NI Freelancers surviving Corona Facebook group Visit

NI Small Business Covid-19 Support Group.
NI Small Business Covid-19 Support Group. Facebook group Visit

NI Water
Information on NI Water related to Covid-19 Visit

NISRA - Northern Ireland stats on Coronavirus
The latest data and analysis on coronavirus (COVID-19) in Northern Ireland and its effect on the economy and society. Visit

North Belfast Community Group
North Belfast Community Group Facebook group Visit

North Down Women's Aid
If you are experiencing domestic abuse contact the 24hr helpline. Visit

Northern Ireland Arts Council
Information for NI artists and musicians re Covid 19, including impact reports Visit

Northern Ireland COVID-19 App
The Department of Health Northern Ireland has launched a new Covid-19 NI information app. Visit

Northwest Coronavirus Updates and Support
Northwest Coronavirus Updates and Support Facebook group Visit

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