Listing Tips

Adding listings (and claiming them if you are the business owner) or notifying us of inaccuracies are some of the most useful things you can do to keep Lokoli up to date, thus helping both businesses and customers.

On this page, we've provided some top tips on you to create a great Lokoli listing.

If you want our #1 tip for Facebook business owners, click here.

  • Business name / listing title

    This should be the business name and it should be recognisable eg. adding the town name can be helpful if there are multiple locations/outlets. In larger towns/cities, adding a street name or locally recognised name is the better option for outlets with many branches such as Spar, Centra etc.

  • How can people order?

    The "Online Shop" option should only be selected if you can purchase online (without the need to email, phone etc to complete your order). This includes an online app. The "Message" option can be used for any form of messaging; SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

  • Short Description

    This info is shown on the business summary card, so use it for the important information you want to get across. This could be explicit ordering/delivery information...or it could let people know they need to check Facebook for daily updates.

  • Submitting listings for businesses you do not own

    We really appreciate you adding information you find online or for businesses that you know personally ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please be sure to include a link to the official Facebook page or website containing the information so we can verify it. If the business does not have an online presence, please provide plenty of information in the main Description area.

  • Adding Tags

    Tags are completely optional but you can add them to assist being found in search. Think of them as extensions to categories...so if you fall into the Groceries category but sell a lot of organic and vegan products, you could add the tags Organic, Vegan.

  • Is chain, brand or convenience store?

    This option is primarily to differentiate the small/micro 'locally produced' independents from the larger chains and convenience stores (or 'corner shops'). It helps users search and filter more easily to find what they are looking for.

  • #1 Tip for your Facebook business page

    This is soooo simple, but also really effective in terms of making things easier for both business and consumer; Create a Pinned Post that contains all your vital information for ordering.

    How to pin sticky a facebook post

    After creating your post, hover your mouse over the three dots menu '...' and you will see the option 'Pin to top of page'. Note that you can only have one pinned post, so you may need to unpin something first!

    This means your most important information will always be at the top of your page.

    NOTE: If you are using a mobile device to manage your Facebook page and cannot see this 'Pin to Top' option, try using a laptop/desktop....or the browser version (Safari/Chrome).